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Our gloves are design for various uses from
Medical application to food industries
where Protection is needed.

We supply
Medical products

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Nasal Prong

Face Mask

Nitrile Gloves

PPE Equipment

We are an expanding business in the supply and distribution high quality medical equipment. We can guarantee that our equipment have been independently accredited and tested to ensure that required quality protection. Safety of our customers as our main priority. We work closely with our engineers and manufacturing to make sure our product meets standards. We consider ourselves one of  best distributor for global sourcing in highly competitive industry of medical equipment manufacturing.

Slide Step 1: Contact Contact us or drop us
an email.
Engage with us
to provide you the best prices
to meet your requirements
and delivery time line.
Step 2: Quotation
Step 3: Payment Terms Customer to sign contract with
us upon mutual
agreement on terms
Step 4: Production We shall start
production lines for manufacture.
for your requested products.
Upon completed payment
We shall send out the containers:
sea or air freight to your destination
Step 5: Delivery and Shipment

Solar Energy Purchase

Flexible contract duration of up to 25 years with ZERO upfront. With a solar tariff that is lower than your grid tariff, you save on you electricity bill through solar self-generation.

Traditionally You pay for M2
With Solar You pay for M1 + M2, but with lower proportion from M2 since electricity is now self-generated. This reduces dependency on M2.
Result With tariff for M2 increasing over the years, you will save on your bill since M1 is fixed and independent from tariff hike.